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Lacey DeGraw takes her time to make sure that her gingerbread house is perfect with the right amount of frosting and candy.
Swede Kania and her mom Amy Kania each take a piece of candy to decorate Swede’s gingerbread house.
Steven Ebright could not resist the temptation of tasting the frosting that would hold up the walls to his gingerbread house.
Hanna Haley and her mom Jessica Haley make a great team when building a sturdy walls for a great gingerbread house.
David Frame and William Lozoya focus on their own gingerbread houses to ensure they have just the right amount of frosting and stick it in the right place.
Landon Noble seems to enjoying the fun Christmas activity where the Laura Irwin Elementary kindergarten classes made gingerbread houses last Friday.
Dailyn Zierolf created a winter-like atmosphere by making it snow on the kindergarteners during their Polar Express program at LIE.
Xavier Valdez and Josh Wildman sing and perform a Christmas song for their classmates and their parents.
LIE kindergarten students (l-r): Dakota Cervantes, Bram Haughian, Xavier Valdez and Gabriel Kampman are pretending to be riding a train to the North Pole. While on their wintry journey they enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.
Cooper Zierolf, Bryan Bowers and Josh Wildman make sure they could hear their own bells of Christmas.
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Abby Smith along with Montana Shakes actress Tonya Andrews teach the Laura Irwin Elementary School about a simile by explaining how the Prince Hal, played by Michael Gonring is like the sun, while his bad choices are like clouds that cover the sun.
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Eva Taylor gets to be a part of the play “Henry IV” written by William Shakespeare. She gets to play the mother of Prince Hal. The Montana Shakes actress Tonya Andrews explains to the LIE students about the importance of the mother.
Montana Shakes actor, Mark Kuntz, who plays the no good friend, Falstaff in the Shakespearian play “Henry IV”. Here Kuntz is explaining the language of Shakespeare.
Falstaff played by Mark Kuntz runs from trouble after robbing, Mistress Quickly played by Tonya Andrews.
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