1. I believe kynli smith, made a few errors in my husbands article about his plea change and sentencing one was his age he won’t be 58 yrs till next month on the 22nd of july, then letting county attorney Kim Adams comment her comment really distrubed me when he is suppose to be fair and honest along with compassionate in dealing with imates and victims personal cases and not saying what she said about my husband being an evil man, if so why hasn’t he dragged me to the house and tied me to the bed post and terrorized me, there is such a things is letting time heal all wounds and letting things go and forgiving and being understand in this case it was my husband he was a victim of his childhood and teen hood and being abused by an alcoholic father. think about that one and put yourself in his shoes as a child and teenager going through that yourself.

  2. Why have you discontinued the obituaries section in the online edition? Having grown up in Basin many, many years ago I am interested in who of my friends and acquaintances are leaving this life.


    1. Bill, we tried to reach you years ago, Riki and I for a all class reunion, but were unsuccessful, where are you now? It would mean that four from our class are still living, you, Jack Kinghorn, Riki and my self, the only boy from our class who is deceased is Bill Zane. Please let me know where you are and how are you doing.

  3. (Letter to the editor)

    Regarding a Wyoming state agency wanting to remove Municipal Judge Ruth Neely from two posts due to her position on same-sex “marriage”: One thing the “culture war” over all-things-gay is doing is exposing a lot of liberal bigots who believe it’s perfectly okay to discriminate against decent moral people who happen to logically take the stance that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. These liberal bigots also believe it’s okay to discriminate against businesses that don’t want to cater to heterophobic homosexuals, and discriminate against states like North Carolina which want to protect these businesses from legal persecution by heterophobic homosexuals and their misguided straight supporters.

    We need to take down the names of these intolerant and ignorant liberal bigots, especially those that run major corporations, so we know who should eventually be fired for misusing their power, money, and influence in the support of liberal bigotry and discrimination against decent moral people.

    Let’s not let these regressive liberal bigots take us back thousands of years to the ancient and primitive Greek and Roman days when homosexual activity was perversely valued. People eventually wised up and rejected it. Plato, for example, is just one of many intellectuals who perceptively taught that it is wrong. Liberals need to wise up and abandon their backward pro-homosexual prejudices.

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