Swearing-in Ceremonies

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You can’t win if you didn’t enter … seriously

Karla Pomeroy20140912_0133

OK everyone repeat after me … I can’t win something from a contest I didn’t enter. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Publisher’s Clearing House and other legitimate prize organizations will not ask you to “pay” to collect a prize.

Got it? Good.

Scammers have always been

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Taking the oath


New officials were sworn in as the new year begins and as they begin their terms to which the voters elected them last November.

Towns handle their oaths differently. Some just have officials come in and sign the oaths and have the signatures notarized. Others do an official swearing in at the first

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Christmas traditions from the Rustler staff


We asked different members of South Big Horn County to share their Christmas traditions with us and our readers (See page 1&7) and a few of our own staff wanted to share their traditions, which we are sharing here.

One Christmas tradition from my family growing up that I was glad to see

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