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They are not asking for it

Kynli Smith A young redheaded girl sits in a living room in a white house with green shutters. A familiar face takes advantage of the young girl while the girl sits in silence. The abuse continues from the time the girl was 7 year old until she is 12. The girl continues her silence about

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We have to stop making mass murders famous


Take a moment to think back to the Boston marathon bombings. Whose face did you picture? Now go back to Columbine High School massacre. Pretty sure for most of us, the first faces that came to our minds were those of the killers. For some of us, we can even remember

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Bidding Basin adieu

Karla Pomeroy20140912_0133

Merriam-Webster defines a stepping-stone as “a means of progress or advancement.” Life is full of stepping-stones. How long it takes between each stepping-stone is different for each person.

When I arrived in Basin Labor Day weekend 2008, it was a stepping-stone for my professional career and for me personally. It was my first

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