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Tech a success in schools


This school year Chromebooks were introduced to the students of Riverside High School and Cloud Peak Middle School. Laura Irwin Elementary students have iPads. The school district’s technology department head, Mike Wynn, said that Cromebooks are cost effective, have an easy setup and a great management console. “For the teachers

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Convicted bank robber found living in Manderson

Miera Mug


Timothy Miera, 25, is currently in the Big Horn County Jail for violating his probation in Salt Lake County. Miera, who was living in Manderson, was arrested in Cowley Dec. 23, 2015, on a warrant that was issued by the Salt Lake District Court in September 2015. According to the warrant, Miera

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Foote pleads not guilty for attempted murder

Foote mug


Teri Foote, 27, pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental illness to both felony counts of attempted murder in the first degree of Arine Small. According to the arrest affidavit, in July 2015 Foote traveled to 1889 Lane 43 near Otto to speak with Small, 40. Small then allegedly

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