Riverside High School graduation plans gain approval


Riverside High School seniors will get some form of a graduation on May 17, which includes a parade. 

Late Monday afternoon, Supt. Dave Kerby reported that they got the approval from the Big Horn County COVID-19 Incident Management Team. Kerby credits Basin Police Chief and School Dist. 4 member Chris Kampbell for taking the plan to the team and getting it approved.

There will be a parade for seniors that will start at 1:30 pm. Supt. Kerby said it can only be seniors and their immediate families in a car (one car per graduate). The parade will start at the Big Horn County Fairgrounds and will make its way to the high school. Members of the community are encouraged to watch the parade and show support for the graduates; however, Riverside Middle/High School Principal Matt Jensen asks spectators to continue practicing social distancing.

Once at the high school, those cars with the seniors and immediate family members will go in the parking lot where the district will have a place for them. School board members will be present at the graduation ceremony.

Kerby said they will have a stage set up in the parking lot of the high school. There will be two big screen TVs where they will show videos of the graduates and anyone speaking at the ceremony. RMHS Principal Matt Jensen will give a talk at the graduation.

Principal Jensen is expecting that the graduation ceremony won’t be like a normal ceremony. He said they are making sure they are safe. They also want to follow the guidelines they were given.  

Supt. Kerby said the graduates will be able to come out on the stage to get their diploma.

In regards to streaming the graduation on Facebook Live, RMHS secretary Skye Cervantes said there has been no discussion yet. She said a full video will be made shortly after graduation for the graduates to share with family and friends. 

Supt. Kerby said they had other plans in mind, but they didn’t work out with the current COVID-19 situation. 

“We had to make adjustments, but we feel good that this is the best thing we could come up with under the circumstances,” said Kerby.  

He said it’s different and they wish they could do more, but those are the limitations they are going to work with. 

Kerby commended Cervantes and the graduation team, saying they worked hard. 

Principal Jensen said they wanted to give the graduates more than just a parade. He commended the graduation committee on working hard coming up with possible scenarios.

“I’m just glad we are able to provide more,”said Jensen.

Full details are being finalized and will be released at a later date.

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