LIE students learning healthy heart facts through Kids Heart Challenge


February is heart month. To help bring awareness to a healthy heart, LIE students are participating in Kids Heart Challenge.

P.E. teacher Kelly Darling is coordinating the event. The Kids Heart Challenge is a part of the American Heart Association.

Darling said it used to be Jump Rope for Heart. Then the American Heart Association changed it to the Kids Heart Challenge. 

Before the change, the event was limited only to jump rope. Then they added basketball. Now they promote jump rope, basketball, dance and challenge courses.

This is the first time Darling has done it in awhile. “I really like the way they approach the program,” she said of the American Heart Association. “They approach it not as just exercise. They approach it as healthy hearts.”

Darling said they have a lot of information about the healthy habits kids need to try to do to have a healthy heart. “The kids are really kind of getting into it,” she said. 

Darling goes over healthy heart facts every day. They also go over information on the heart and what it does for the body.

Another part of the Kids Heart Challenge is students raising money for the American Heart Association. Darling said the school gets equipment depending on how much it raises. The kids will also get thank-you gifts depending on how much money they raise. 

To add to the stakes, if an individual student raises a $100 they will get to slime Principal Jeff Fuller at the end of the campaign. Darling reported they have three kids so far that get to slime the principal. 

“That was quite an incentive for the kids,” said Darling. “They weren’t real excited about it until I told them that they got to slime Mr. Fuller.”

Darling said they primarily work on the activities in class. She said it used to be they came out on a Saturday and jumped rope seemingly forever and ever. 

She is planning an end-of-the-campaign celebration where Fuller gets slimed along with jump rope presentations and a no-smoking presentation.

In regards to the challenge, Darling said it’s a lot different from what she is used to, but interesting. “It’s been really kind of fun,” she said. “I love all the resources and information that they have given me to share with the kids.”