Locker room addition prices higher than expected


A possible locker room addition to the new Riverside Middle/High School encountered a hurdle during the BHC School Dist. 4 meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 8.

The board has been looking into a possible locker room addition after it was discovered that the new middle school locker rooms were too small.

There had previously been three options, but the board decided to look at two of the options.

Supt. Dave Kerby said the first option would be 960 square feet and would add 26 lockers to high school boys and girls locker rooms. The other option is 1,620 square feet. 

Clint Mosely from GH Phipps provided the costs for each of the options. The first option would cost $583,000 and the other option $801,000.

“Why is that so crazy?” board member Greg Gloy asked. 

Owner’s Rep. Tom Farrens said he (Clint Mosely) probably had more information than he did when he put estimates together. Farrens’ estimate came from existing pay applications where Phipps’ was based on time and contractors.

After reviewing the numbers, there was some confusion on the second option. GH Phipps had the number at 1,720 square feet instead of the 1,620 square feet. Farrens said he would have to talk to Mosely about the number.

Board chairman Heath Hopkin thought they needed to get better numbers. 

“There’s no plumbing, there’s no appliances, and there’s no bathroom. It’s dry storage,” said board member Audra Crouse. 

“For something that should have been designed correctly the first time, why are we getting stuck with this at that price?” board member Kristen Schlattmann asked. “It’s not right.”

Gloy said they are three times the amount they anticipated. 

Some of the discussion involved looking at the drawings and discussing what would be adequate for the district. Part of the discussion involved the masonry. The locker rooms are designed as having interior and exterior masonry. Farrens advised the board that even if they took off some of the exterior masonry, they are still paying the mason to be there to do the interior as well.

Gloy pointed out the administrative costs were $210,000. “That’s as much as we talked about as far as the entire cost,” he said.

Supt. Kerby asked Farrens if the price would be different if GH Phipps was doing the track. Farrens said that he would have to talk to Mosely. 

After further discussion, the board ultimately decided to table the motion until they could talk with Mosely about the prices.

New Level of Security

Another level of security will be added to the schools after board members voted to approve purchasing the Raptor Visitor Management System.

The Raptor Visitor Management System screens and tracks everyone coming into the schools and checks for sex offenders. According to the company website, the system also alerts staff of custody violations, banned visitors and provides district-wide reporting for all visitors.

Kerby said they would utilize this if visitors were going into the school. They will not work with it for events like assemblies. 

“If they are going to actually work with a student,” he said. “Then they would need a pass.”

He said they drop in their driver’s license and it’s just a quick check of the National Sex Offender Registry. It will print off a pass for the visitor to wear while they are visiting.

Several schools in Wyoming are going in that direction, Kerby said. 

The cost of the system is $1,725 for each school and a $540 subscription for each school per year. Kerby said the money for the system would come from their security funds they receive yearly.

Principals Report

RMHS Principal Matt Jensen presented the students of the month: Kasey Pryor (Middle school) and Cash Duncan (High school). Jensen’s report included going over the different activities for homecoming, the high school Facebook page going live and plans for moving over to the new schools.

LIE Principal Jeff Fuller reported that the PTO fundraiser had a goal of $1,000. “We blew it out of the water at $13,545,” he said. He said they are pretty excited. The kids will get to throw a pie at the principal. The first-grade class, which was the top selling class, will shave staff member Dale Query’s beard. The top seller was at $801 and got a scooter that was given to the school by Amazon. The PTO will get to keep around 40 percent of the funds raised. 

The rest of his report included the second run of the Whoot Whoot Cart, their Facebook page stats, moving to the new schools and safety committee meeting.   

In other business, Business Manager Trevor Whitaker discussed with the board in his report his plan on staggering funds from each of the major funds (major maintenance, depreciation reserve, and investment) in CDs with Security State Bank. It was decided to approve investing funds from the major maintenance and investment accounts into 12-month CDs. They decided to hold off on the depreciation reserve until they have more information on whether they will add onto the locker rooms. 

New School Resource Officer Josh Wheeler gave a brief introduction to the board and board member Chris Kampbell gave the safety report.

Special Education Director Lee Clucas’ report included going to the Joint Education Committee in regards to the special education cap.

Board member Greg Gloy gave a BOCES report.

Board member Brenton Paxton was not present at the meeting, so board member Linda Osmond gave the Recreation District report.

Dondee Duncan gave the Boosters Club report.

The board approved a kindergarten paraprofessional.

The board approved the third reading on the following policies: 5.04 Criminal Background Check Policy, 5.18 Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring, 6.10 Criminal Background Check (Classified staff), 5.37 Substitute Professional Staff, 5.14 Professional Staff Leave and Absences. 

The board approved the first reading for policy 6.04 Classified Staff Leave and Absences and 1.22 Policy Adoption.

There was discussion about the grand opening that will be happening on Nov. 13 at 2 p.m. 

There was discussion about having an auction on items from the old schools, possibly on Nov. 16. 

The board discussed the time capsule that will be placed in the new elementary school. The time capsule for the high school was already placed. Fuller reported they are working on the capsule. He was advised to see if Security State Bank would donate some coins.