The beginnings of the Basin Boat Dock


In September of 1991 the Town of Basin applied to the Wyoming Game and Fish for a grant to build a boat dock, graveled parking area, an access road and a fence. The effort was spearheaded by Bill Stoelk, the town foreman at the time. 

Donnell and Allred, Inc. did the engineering and design. 

courtesy photo
The boat dock as viewed from B Street after the project was finished. The large tree in the middle of the grassy area is still standing today.
courtesy photo
During December 1994 town of Basin employees began construction of the walls for the restrooms at the boat dock.

The excavation and construction of the concrete portion of the boat ramp started in September of 1992.  Before the work began, the river couldn’t even be seen from B Street. 

In October of 1993, an application was submitted to the Wyoming Game and Fish for a “Fish Wyoming Comfort Station” — aka bathrooms. In December of 1994, Basin town employees began construction of the forms and the pouring of pre-cast concrete panels for the restrooms. This all occurred in the town shop. The walls were finished with small smooth rocks that were sealed with a clear coat of sealant. 

Stoelk said, “After curing, 6,000 PSI concrete panels were removed from the shop with special anchors and lifting devices. They were stored for later assembly.” It wasn’t until May 1995 that a 1,000 gallon precast concrete tank was placed in the ground and the slab/foundation was prepared and poured. 

In October of 1995, the town crew finally found the time to being assembling the precast wall sections. Also in October, the roof panel forms were built with block outs for the tank vents. They were “carefully set in place,” said Stoelk. 

The fence around the boat dock area was built in November of 1995. Phil Juillard, the mayor at the time, lent a hand with his fence-building expertise. 

Stoelk took pictures of the projects along the way and put them in a binder along with dates and pertinent information. The last page in the binder sums it up well, saying: “The fun and worthwhile project was completed by joint efforts of the Wyoming Game and Fish and the hard-working employees of the Town of Basin.”