Legion using collection box to gather worn, torn American flags


In almost a year, a flag disposal box at the American Legion Post 29 on West C Street has helped Basin residents dispose of their worn and torn flags.

“It’s been really good,” said Commander John Bubla of American Legion Post 29.

The idea of the flag box originated at an American Legion meeting. Its inspiration came from seeing another flag disposal box located in Powell. The Legion enlisted the help of fellow member and retired Air Force combat veteran Josh Wennberg, who began researching how to acquire a box. When Wennberg asked Penny Cooley, head postmaster in Basin, how they could get a box, she contacted USPS’s head office in Denver. The head office would end up donating a box to the Legion. Wennberg cleaned up the donated box and did the paint scheme.

Barbara Anne Greene photo
Ken Derringer of Hyattville salutes the flag box recently placed by the American Legion Post 29. Derringer had just placed a flag that needs to be disposed of properly.

Bubla said he checks the box twice a month. He estimates that there have been five to 10 flags when he checks, but there have been months where there are fewer.

The only mishap Bubla has come across is the box being mistaken for an actual post office mailbox. There have been a few letters mixed in when he gets the flags, but he takes them to the post office when he finds them.

The flags that have been gathered in the past year will be burned on Flag Day, which is June 14. After Flag Day, they will continue to gather the flags in the box and hold them for next year.