Kruger welcomed as new Big Horn County Land Planner


Big Horn County recently welcomed Nick Kruger as the new land planner for the county.

Kruger comes from Worland but was born in the Denver area. For the position of the land planner, Kruger learned by doing the job. He started his own residential and commercial construction company as a general contractor when he was 18. 

Nick Kruger

The company served the Denver area. 

“Over the years, I’ve just learned on the job as things progressed,” he said. 

He took a break from construction and worked with Schlumberger Oilfield Services and was transferred from Grand Junction, Colo., to Worland. 

He also has previous experience as the land planner and building official for the City of Worland.

Kruger noticed the job posting for the planner position and applied for the job.

Kruger said there has been a bit of a learning curve with his new job, but a lot of the stuff has been repetitive. It hasn’t been horrible, he added.

“Every county has its own rules that you have to follow, so they are all a little bit different,” he said.

His goal as the land planner is to keep the process the county has going for the moment. Kruger said the commissioners expressed interest in going over the subdivision regulations for the county. That project will probably be coming in the new year.

Kruger is married and has a daughter in middle school and a son in high school. They plan on staying in Worland for the time being. “Both kids are pretty well established in school,” he said. “We didn’t want to move them.”

Away from work, Kruger likes going camping and spending time outdoors. “One of the best parts of this part of Wyoming,” he said.