Google Maps and other navigation apps are directing travelers through Burlington 

The shortest way to Yellowstone is through Burlington, according to sources such as Google Maps.  

When doing an inquiry about the shortest route to Yellowstone from Buffalo, Basin and Gillette, Google says Wyoming Highway 30 — from Basin to Burlington, then onto U.S. 14/16/20 — is the shortest route. 

The Burlington Place is one of the restaurants located next to Highway 30 that runs through Burlington.

Ask what is the shortest way to Yellowstone from Casper and you are routed through Meeteetse.  

Technically, mileage wise turning on Wyoming Highway 30 at Basin and following it to U.S. Highway 14/16/20 is a few miles shorter than staying on U.S. 16/20 to Greybull. In Greybull U.S. 14 meets U.S. 16/20 and becomes U.S. 14/16/20 as it heads west to Cody. 

However, time wise, the difference is another story. There is no app that discusses the reduced speed limits, the narrower winding road or the farm traffic.  The speed limit on Wyoming 30 is 65 mph. The speed limit on U.S. 14/16/20 is 70 mph. 

Katy Nicholson from the Dry Creek Country Store in Burlington says that she has noticed an increase in tourist traffic in the store over the last two years. This year’s increase was the greatest. “We’ve had a lot more people from different countries stopping and asking how they get to Cody,” she said.

On the other hand, Melissa Harrington of The Burlington Place said they have not seen an increase in tourist business in their establishment. 

Nicholson noted, on a personal level, that speeding is a huge issue. “I saw a vehicle that had to be doing 70 mph the other day. I worry about my kids crossing the road to get to the city park.” She expressed concern about the safety of students now that school has begun.

Burlington Mayor Wade Aagard shares this observation. He said the number of motorcycles, big busses and campers coming through town is way up and that speeding is very common. 

By Barbara Anne Greene

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