Crossing the U.S. on foot to fulfill a dream

!Robert Lamb_0725_0117By KARLA POMEROY


Why did the man climb the mountain? Because it was there. So why is a Florida man crossing the United States? Because he can while fulfilling a dream.

Robert Lamb started off May 8 from Blaine, Wash., with two friends. He passed through Basin on Thursday, July 25, alone, with one friend dropping out of the Walk Across the U.S. trip after the first week and then he and the second friend separating when Lamb wanted to go at faster and farther each day. (His friend passed through the area two days behind Lamb.)

Lamb, who took a moment for an interview along U.S. 20 near Basin, said the walk across the country, from corner to corner, was a “crazy idea I had in high school and eight years later here I am.”

The Floridian hopes to make it back home to the southeast corner of the United States by Thanksgiving. His goal is walking from the northwest corner, Blaine, Wash., near the Canadian border to the southeast corner, the Florida Keys. Lamb resides in St. Petersburg. It is a 3,500-mile trip.

He said while the group hails from Florida they wanted to start out west in the spring and summer knowing the trip would take them well into the fall and possibly early winter to complete.

According to their website, they wrote, “Many times we would discuss different dreams of ours but would never follow through. Luckily we were able to follow through with this one. While our parents may not want us to go since it is a big undertaking, we feel it’s something that is a must.  This is something you need to do before you get a full-time job so we feel this is the ideal time. We hope it will be everything we expect it to be.  Others have walked across America and have had an amazing time. We think we will too.”

The trio began raising money and Lamb is continuing to seek donations for the trip for food and other supplies through the website,

He said he has the original pair of shoes he left Washington with but his mother was shipping him some new shoes to arrive in Thermopolis. On Thursday, his destination, after leaving Greybull about 7 a.m., was to get to Worland, he anticipated about 7 p.m. Then on to Thermopolis, Shoshoni, Casper and Cheyenne as he makes his way through Wyoming.

He said he was initially concerned people would “mess with me” on his journey, but that has not been the case. He has found people to be friendly and helpful. Many have offered rides, which he declines as he wants to do the entire trip on foot.

One couple did pick him up one night where he stopped, drove him to their vacation home, fed him supper, provided lodging and breakfast the next morning and then dropped him back off so he could start exactly where he had left off the night before.

Lamb said he tries to cover 25 to 30 miles a day and usually averages a pace of about 3 miles per hour.

Lamb, 26, said his dad wasn’t real thrilled with the cross-country trip but agreed to it. He said his dad’s concern was that he wanted Lamb to finish college. He has two classes left to get his bachelor’s degree in education studies so he can begin his career as a teacher. He said when the fall semester starts he will be taking one day a week to do class work for the online classes.

Another goal for the trip is to make it to Kansas City by Aug. 26. As a Tampa Bay Rays fan, Lamb hopes to catch a Royals vs. Rays game in Kauffman Stadium before continuing on his journey.

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  1. That’s my son. I am so proud of him. It is true that I tried to discourage this trip because of the many dangers that it presented. However, the day he came over to visit and said that if I talk negative about the trip once more he would not be back before he left for this journey. This was the day I decided to change my attitude, encourage him, support him and do whatever it took to let him follow his dream. We text each other every night. I text him that I love him and miss him and I will see him soon. When he was in the Cascade National Park I did not hear from him for 3 days. I had terrible night mares and prayed to God to protect him. I left texts that I love him and miss him every night. Finally I heard from him and I cried. He was safe. He had told me at times there were not going to be towers but you just can’t help it; I’m his Mother and I just love him. I send him packages with beef jerky, trail mixes, sneakers, maps, etc. It helps me feel an added closeness to him. I hope to see him as he passes along the Florida East Coast and I will pick him up in Key West, FL. Good luck, Robert. You’re living your dream. I love you and miss you so much. Love, Mom

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