RHS head coaches resign


Staff Reporter

The Big Horn County School District No. 4 board accepted resignations from two Riverside High School head coaches at Tuesday’s meeting. Coaches resigning were Riverside Lady Rebels coach Sam Buck and Rebels football coach Adam Tri.

Prior to the action to accept the resignations the board heard an impassioned plea from audience member Ryan Baumeister.

Baumeister thanked the board for allowing him to speak and recognized that the board may have to make some tough decisions. Baumeister expressed concern over what he called “certain coaching positions” that were being decided on that night. As a former teacher and coach he felt he could give some insight to the board. He stated he was not there on behalf of any coach, parent, administrator or teacher. “I’m here on behalf of myself as a taxpayer in this school district. I’m concerned about the perception in the community that if certain members of our community are displeased or unhappy with teachers or coaches that they can go to a school board member and that teacher/coach may possibly be removed from their post.”

Baumeister went on to say that if the board is looking at the big picture they cannot look at just one season. “The season may not have gone like we wanted but you have to look at where they were at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season.” He feels it takes three to four years for a high school coach to build a program.

He closed with asking the board to think about the messages they were sending.

“One is to students and parents — that they will not be held accountable for the students actions or lack of actions during the off season. The students must be willing to devote a lot of time to see improvement.”

“Secondly, it sends a message to your teachers and coaches that they don’t have the greatest support from the board.”

Third, “Wyoming is a small state. Word gets around if there is a perception that a school board doesn’t support its teachers and coaches.”

The board went into executive session. Upon their return they voted unanimously to renew the contracts for the classified staff. They also voted to renew sponsors and coaches with School Board Member Martin Mercer opposed.