New derby director developing new rules

By KARLA POMEROYFAIR Demo Derby20120805DSC_0030


Basin resident Timmy Kennedy, who has announced the demolition derby for the past two years, came to the board stating he has been asked to run the demolition derby for the Fair Board this year and is willing to tackle the task.

He said he is in the process of revamping the rules for the fair derby and is currently at 16 pages. He said it is edited down from the sample he obtained from Rock Springs.

“It’s an absolute free for all,” Kennedy said, regarding rules for derbys around the state. He said there is a group trying to get a standardized set of rules for derbys around Wyoming.

“I’m here to help you guys out,” Kennedy said. “It’s something I want to do and am asking to do for you.”

Kennedy said some of the volunteers who have helped in the past don’t want to assist unless the derby is moved to Labor Day weekend or to Saturday night of fair. Kennedy said he didn’t expect the board to make those changes and they agreed.

Kennedy recommended opening it up for trucks or mini cars.

Fair Manager Vangi Hackney said there are a lot of Facebook rumors about the derby and suggested the board set a budget for the derby.

Kennedy said he was paid $150 for announcing and that is all he is asking for this year.

He said he is trying to get a major sponsor for the derby so that the purse could be increased for 2013.

The board, by consensus, agreed to have Kennedy operate the fair derby and asked for a recommended budget at the next meeting and any changes he would propose, including trucks or mini cars.