Fire damages Jones’ home



Christmas is a time of angels and the Jones family in Otto felt angels were working hard for them last Thursday.

Royden and Elizabeth Jones’ home at 229 First Street South was damaged in a fire that started where the water heater is located.

There were no injuries, which was a blessing as Elizabeth and her father, George W. Johnson, were home when the fire started.

Elizabeth Jones said they moved the trailer to the location last November, a month after the couple got married.

“I was home and washing lunch dishes. Dad had gone to his room when the alarm went off. I thought it was his oxygen alarm so I headed back that way and saw smoke coming out (from the water heater room),” she said.

She started dialing 911 as she helped her father out of the house.

Royden Jones said, “In my observation, this is not a total loss. We can rebuild those rooms. The roof was left intact.”

He said he surveyed the damage once the Burlington Fire Department said they had the fire out.

“There’s some smoke and water damage,” he said, noting the damage was mostly located in the bathroom and two bedrooms but the living room and kitchen seemed to have survived any damage.

“I’m glad they showed up as quick as they did,” Royden Jones said of the Burlington firefighters. “It’s community service at the highest degree.”

Rodney Tolman was the first to respond and Elizabeth Jones said Tolman crawled into the home through the smoke to get a stack of legal documents for her father that were on the table.

“I think we had some angels on duty today,” she said.

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  1. On this article (Fire damages Jones’ home) …. I believe this was front page news. I believe there was a picture of a fireman putting it out …. is there a chance of getting a jpeg copy of the picture used for the article?

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