Town infrastructure listed as top prority



Economic Development and infrastructure topped the list in all three working groups at the priority-setting meeting for the Basin Community Assessment Tuesday night.

About 15 people attended the meeting at the Basin City Arts Center including residents, business leaders, Basin mayor and three council members and Planning & Zoning members.

Individuals took the four themes that were prepared by the Community Assessment Team following public meetings in June and set their own priorities. The large group was then broken into three smaller groups to share their individual priorities and come up with three main group priorities.

The four themes from the Community Assessment were economic development, programs and services, infrastructure and recreation.

Two of the three groups selected infrastructure as the top priority for the town. Projects under infrastructure included repairing the current system including bringing utilities to lots in town that don’t have them, as well as upgrading and expanding the current system. One group wanted to focus specifically on water and sewer and another set the priority project under infrastructure as inventorying the current water, sewer and electrical lines and completing an analysis of the existing facilities.

The groups also had to list resource, lead agencies and a timeline. Most of the groups selected a timeline of one to five years to address the infrastructure needs. Resources included obtaining grant funding. The lead agency was listed as the council, along with the town engineer.

Economic development also made the top three in each group — first in one group, second in another and third in the last group. One group listed streetscape beautification as its main project under economic development, along with setting up an economic development organization using the town government, Basin Area Chamber and business leaders. The Wyoming Department of Transportation and P&Z were listed as resources for the streetscape project. The main resource required was listed as money.

The two other groups listed the need for food services/restaurants as the main project under economic development, along with lodging, including affordable rental housing.

Recreation made the top three in two groups, while tourism was third priority for the third group. Under recreation both groups listed a multiple use facility as the top project, with one group specifying the need/want for a pool and skate park. Resources needed include land, money and a plan. Lead agencies were listed as the town, recreation district, volunteer groups and the school district.

Under tourism, one group listed developing Basin’s history as a “hook” to attract visitors and give them a reason to stop in town. They also listed need for motels, restaurants and tourist-type stores. The timeline was the longest at four to five years. The chamber was listed as the lead agency.

The meeting concluded with the assessment team passing around sign up sheets for residents to sign up for what project they would like to assist with. The sheets will be provided to the town so when a project begins the town can contact the willing volunteers to assist.